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Property Management

What value does a property manager provide?

What value does a property manager provide?

  1. Comprehensive initial inspections backed with photographic evidence
  2. Access to the best systems for application vetting/credit checking/reference checking
  3. Educated advice for tenants creating better quality outcomes
  4. 24/7 Contact
  5. Ongoing education of legislation updates and requirements
  6. Minimised vacancy periods through fast online tenant viewing and booking systems
  7. Meth testing procedures, information and best practice
  8. Access to the best tenancy law advice and support
  9. Compliant Tenancy Agreements and other documentation
  10. Personalised service offerings to best suit your individual needs and investment ambitions

What value does a property manager provide?

A Ray White property manager can provide you with peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands and that we’re doing everything we can for you and your tenant.

Here are a few more of the things we do…

  • Zero tolerance for rent arrears
  • Management of regular routine inspections and follow up reports
  • Comprehensive property maintenance
  • Lease renewals
  • Regular rent reviews
  • Payment and management of property specific invoices
  • Advertising your property across multiple online platforms
  • Effective and professional property viewings for prospective tenants
  • Property recommendations to the owner based on practical experience
  • Lodging and transferring of bonds
  • Thorough and professional communication with all stakeholders
  • Tenancy Tribunal applications and hearings attendance if required
  • Local area knowledge and expertise
  • Health & Safety knowledge and best practice steps
  • Your insurance requirements better covered through our risk mitigation procedures
  • Professional advertising to best market your home
  • Information on minor dwellings – what can and can’t be rented
  • Rental appraisals
  • Dealing appropriately with unsuccessful tenants
  • Ongoing stress relief for landlords
  • Smoke alarm compliance and best practice
  • Strong relationships with reliable contractors
  • Advice on Insulation requirements and best practice steps
  • Management of cleaning and property care
  • Liaising with contractors in all maintenance issues
  • Budgeting advice and help for tenants
  • Mediation between tenants and landlords when needed
  • Risk mitigation procedures to protect you, your tenant, and your property
  • End of financial year advice and information
  • Travel time
  • Management and assistance with landlords insurance claims
  • Constant updates and access to industry changes and landlord requirements
  • Access to preferred supplier discounts from qualified tradespeople
  • Monthly financial reporting for landlords with easy to read statements
  • The educated barrier between a landlord and tenants (sometimes) competing interests
  • Daily rent checks
  • Access to sales appraisals and advice if needed
  • Access to mortgage advice and re-structuring if needed
  • Management of water rates where applicable
  • Comprehensive understanding and knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act 1986

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