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Paul Greenwood

Licensee Salesperson - Commercial


With a strong background in regional sales management, business start-ups and a 20-year association with the building industry, Paul has the ability to look outside the square in resolving issues and evoking alternative solutions to perceived problems. A trained Restorative Justice Facilitator, Paul has instigated and conducted highly charged meetings that have been successfully resolved for all parties. This ability, to overcome the obstacles that get in the way and still maintain a focus on the end result is just a part of Paul’s skills for clients. Buildings, whether commercial or residential, have been a part of Paul’s life for many years as his partner is a registered Architect and frequent discussions have been held regarding their design, useage and fit for purpose. Sometimes work related issues are more than just a passing interest. As a frequent rock concert goer, Paul is also a bass player in a band with his long time mates. His “man cave” hosts practice evenings and the band has also performed a couple of gigs. Paul and his wife Diane still live in their first home, so their 41-year investment in their home has been a successful purchase. With an attitude of: “the cup’s always half full” and living a life of no regrets, life is good.

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