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Jessica Hendriks

Licensee Salesperson

Jess is Tom Hendriks’ right hand lady.  With over 17 years experience in Real Estate Administration she really loves the business.  Having spent most of her adult life working in real estate, the excitement hasn't dulled for Jess, in fact, it just gets better.  Working in admin for so long has been very rewarding, however in 2018 Jess took the next step and became a Licensee Salesperson.  Now able to help Tom out even more with viewings and open homes, Jess really enjoys the interaction with buyers.  "The best feeling is when we sell a young family their first home.  They are always so happy and excited, but sometimes scared, and I love being able to help them through that process."

Jess takes care of all the day to day administration, marketing and social media, while also keeping in touch with the large database and working with buyers.